Real World Assets Remain on Traders' Minds, With Chainlink, Synthetix, and Centrifuge Working Toward Improvement Most Prominently

🧑‍💻 Here are #crypto's top #RealWorldAssets by development. This list is compiled by counting any non-redundant #github activity, and averaging this daily activity over the past 30 days. #Chainlink currently produces 2.49x more daily activity than the next most active project, #Synthetix, in the #RWA sector:

1 Chainlink $LINK

2 Synthetix $SNX

3 Centrifuge $CFG

4 Dusk $DUSK

5 Oraichain $ORAI

6 Creditcoin $CTC

7 Ix Swap $IXS

8 Maker $MKR

9 Polymesh $POLYX

10 Reserve $RSR

Bookmark this Real World Asset watchlist, and track what "cream rises to the top" as time goes on in the relatively new, increasingly popular sector.

Santiment pulls notable #github activity from project repositories via a back tested process to ensure only the team's significant efforts to innovate and improve are included. Read about our methodology, and how we rank asset activity here:

See our full indicators and metrics that reveal which of these projects (and others) have strong likelihoods of breaking out next. Free week-long trials to Sanbase PRO can be grabbed here!

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