Real World Asset Development Leaderboard Still Shows Chainlink's Dominance

🧑‍💻 Here are crypto's top Real World Assets (RWA's) by development. This list is compiled by counting any non-redundant github activity, and averaging this daily activity over the past 30 days.

Chainlink is seeing more than double the average daily development activity (512) compared to the nearest project, Centrifuge (255).

Arrows represent whether each coin has ascended or descended in their ranking positions since last month's update:

➡️ 1) Chainlink $LINK 🥇

➡️ 2) Synthetix_io $SNX 🥈

➡️ 3) Centrifuge $CFG 🥉

➡️ 4) Oraichain $ORAI

➡️ 5) Dusk $DUSK

➡️ 6) MakerDAO $MKR

📈 7) Ix Swap $IXS

📈 8) Creditcoin $CTC

📉 9) Polymesh $POLYX

➡️ 10) Reserve Rights $RSR

Bookmark this Real World Asset watchlist to track which projects are most prominently working to innovate and improve the sector.

Read about our methodology for tracking notable development activity for over 2,800 assets in our latest write-up.

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