r/cryptocurrency comes to the defense of...Jamie Dimon?

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Apr 21, 2019

If there's one thing crypto subreddits love more than anythning, it's roasting the CEO of JPMorgan Chase and notorious bitcoin opponent Jamie Dimon. Well, not today it seems.

The discussion about Dimon was prompted by a video recently posted to r/cryptocurrency, in which a member of US Congress grills Dimon about one of his bank employees' salary and living conditions.

The congresswoman describes the employee as a single mom accruing a monthly deficit of over $500, and tallies her monthly expenses, including a $1600 rent, $400 gas bill and more. In the end, she asks Jamie Dimon how he would manage this budget shortfall, and criticizes him for not providing ‘a way for families to make ends meet’.

As a result of the discussion, we’ve seen an upsurge of ‘wage’ mentions on crypto social media channels in the past 12 hours:

While a few subreddit members were sympathetic to the employee’s cause, many have gone the exact opposite route, placing the blame away from Dimon, and on the bank worker:

“I can't stand Jp Morgan's CEO but why is it his problem? That job isn't meant for a single mom with dependants. Maybe she should be held responsible for her actions for having a kid without the means for providing for such. With as many govt handouts as there are today it's hard for me to feel sorry”

“From what the politician is describing, it kind of seems like the woman is really poor with her finances. Why does she live in a 1 bed and not a studio when she's constantly in the red? She can move further away. She's doing a starter job with a 6 year old and that's dimon's fault? If the politicians invested in public transportation in this country, she would be able to cut down 450$ worth of her expenses by not needing a car.”

This has also sparked a wider discussion on the merits of minimum wage laws, and the massive income inequality levels in the US:

“The corporate lead u.s. wealth gap has become so unbelievably gross that that the top 1% owns almost half and the top few percent owns close to two thirds. There's so little money left that lots of major U.S. corporations struggle to keep their workers off food stamps. [...] Other countries may have their own issues but for the U.S. to have the economy it does and still have these issues... It's inexcusable.”

Part of the discussion also centered on whether this has anything to do with crypto at all:

Which side of the debate are you on? Does Dimon bear some responsibility in this case, or should the onus be on the employee?

You can check out the full discussion in the original thread.

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Apr 21, 2019

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