QTUM: hard fork & AMA with no pump

QTUM recently had one of the most significant spikes in social volume:

437 mentions on Friday against average 5

What happened?

First - QTUM performed first Proof of Stake hard fork.

Here, as it's seen on devactivity chart:

Second - AMA session on Binance occurred, offering participants $5,000 worth of rewards in QTUM tokens. It's also nicely visible on charts:

AMA was followed by: social volume spike, twitter followers increase, QTUM appearing in emerging trends

Noticed the price action after the hard fork and AMA?

Almost nothing.

Compare it with usual spring Binance AMA pumps.

When we discovered that every Binance AMA was followed by a short nice pump.

Well, this space evolves quickly, no more AMA pumps can be seen.

Even despite this very strong and clear social interest to QTUM.

What's are people talking about QTUM now?

  • How to get involved in qtum ama airdrop
  • what must I do for qtum rewards?
  • hello, I am here for the qtum aidrop
  • Tell me something good about qtum. I'm so fucking underwater with this shit and It just keeps bleeding.

Greed, yeah?

Thanks for reading!

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