Postmortem of the crypto market after the drop

Or how to pick up the bottoms based on behaviour analysis.

We'll take a look at different coins and how their holders have reacted in terms of just two metrics - Age Consumed, showing whether the hodlers were panicking or not, and Daily Active Deposits showing whether the speculator activity has risen or not.

These two measure the level of of pain felt by different tokens holders, what were the weak hands, what were the strong hands and where we are after the market crash in terms of ERC-20 coins.

First, tokens with weak hands.

Indicators will be Age Consumed spiking before the top (before the drop) and Daily Active Deposits before the top as well.

  1. 1. KNC
Source: Sanbase

Kyber hodlers seem too confident, there can be more pain coming.

2. ZRX

Source: Sanbase

3. OMG

Source: Sanbase

Interesting, all three have local tops and spikes around August 21.

4. YFI

Source: Sanbase

Now let's see the opposite, strongs hands.

Indicators will be Age Consumed spiking after the top (after the drop) and Daily Active Deposits after the top as well. It's like hodlers panicking after the top, and speculators being active after the top.

  1. 1. LINK
Source: Sanbase

2. MKR

Source: Sanbase


Source: Sanbase

4. PIE

Source: Sanbase

Bottom line

People didn't really panic yet in everywhere.

Once you see it happened everywhere - good, this is the bottom.

Thanks for reading!

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