Oraichain, Maker, and Polymesh are Risers Among Development Activity Leaders for Real World Assets

Here are crypto's top #RealWorldAssets by development. This list is compiled by counting any non-redundant github activity, and averaging this daily activity over the past 30 days. Chainlink still sits atop the throne as the most developed coin in this sector, with Maker, Oraichain, and Polymesh as notable risers.

➡️1) Chainlink $LINK
➡️2) Synthetix $SNX
➡️3) Centrifuge $CFG
📈4) Oraichain $ORAI
📉5) Dusk $DUSK
📈6) MakerDAO $MKR
📈7) Polymesh $POLYX
📈8) Ix Swap $IXS
📈9) Defactor_ $FACTR
➡️10) Reserve $RSR

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We pull notable #github activity from project repositories via a back tested process to ensure only the team's significant efforts to innovate and improve are included. Read about our methodology, and how we rank asset activity here!

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