Observing a dip in DEGO

Anyone into hot potatoes games?

Looks like we've got a nicely shaped bottom sign on DEGO, a low volume DeFi token.

Basically this is how an articulated bottom is usually looking like for many tokens.

So to briefly review this pattern once again.

  1. 1. Age Consumed spikes, indicating a lot of dormant tokens moved at once (like losing patience):

2. Network Profit/Loss recording a huge loss (patience lost with pain):

3. Transaction volume, trading volume and onchain activity increased after that:

4. Top transaction table helps to discover a transaction triggering this, and related wallets:

5. Historical balance tool visualizes related whale's moves:

Do you see this guys sold once in a big loss after patient increasing position step by step? It's green line over purple price. Btw he was a #10 holder in absolute top DEGO holders.

Here we go. In general all above could point to a relatively low risk in a token at this point. Much more risk on DEGO specifically because of it's low volume nature.


Thanks for reading!

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