New on Sanbase: COMBINE metrics for a whole new view of the crypto market!

(Note: the ‘combine’ feature is still in Beta until Wednesday, so make sure to ‘Activate Beta’ in your Sanbase account settings if you want to test out the feature in the meantime. Happy hunting!)

By popular request, you can now combine different Sanbase metrics into a single indicator and analyze your favorite coins from entirely new angles.

This feature allows you to create brand new metric composites in search for alpha, either via basic math operations (+, -, x, /) or one of several available functions.

Combining metrics on Sanbase is very simple:

  • Single-click on metric A (in the metric tree)
  • Single-click on metric B (in the metric tree)
  • A ‘combine’ button will appear in the bottom left corner of the metric tree
  • Click ‘combine’
  • Choose how to combine the selected metrics (by adding them together, subtracting, dividing etc.)
  • Name your new indicator

There are so many possible ways that you can combine Sanbase metrics to get additional context about the crypto market, and our community members are still discovering new use cases.

For instance, daily active addresses (DAA for short) and daily active deposits (DAD for short) are two indicators whose interrelationship is sometimes more interesting than either metric on its own.

By dividing the two metrics (DAA/DAD), you can now track the share of daily deposits in total network activity. Low or declining DAA/DAD ratio may suggest growing sell-side pressure, as deposits start to become an increasingly dominant part of total address activity - and vice versa.

As it happens, this is precisely what happened a week before Ethereum’s price all-time high, as the coin’s DAA/DAD ratio plummeted to 4-month low, suggesting that deposit addresses (and - by proxy - holders moving their ETH to exchanges) were starting to make up a growing portion of wholesale network activity:

Ethereum's DAA/DAD ratio, past 12 months (Source: Sanbase)

We covered a few more examples on how to use the new ‘combine’ feature on our Youtube channel, and our community members are already sharing some of their favorite setups on Discord.

But really, the best way is to try it for yourself. Take some of your favorite metrics and combine them in a brand new composite - we can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Thanks for reading!

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