Nervos Network might be the next one.

by considering 3 different metrics we are going to analyze the current condition of CKB. the native token for the Nervos Network.

CKB's trading volume experienced a 2 months of "low values". usually in such conditions a small increase in the trading volume leads to sharp price movement. in the past 3 days we've seen a small jump in the trading volume which can be considered as good sign for the price activity to be increased.

The weighted sentiment metric for this project is also experiencing a sharp jump from the negative values to positive values. specifically an increase in this metric is not a good sign, but the trading volume can increase only by gaining some attention which is happening through the mentioned metric.

And we get to the most promising point for the Nervos Network. CKB price trend is experiencing an evident downtrend, but this fact couldn't make the team to stop their activity. as the matter of fact their development has increased in the past two months. it can be a good sign for the project itself and the future of the price.


an increase in the price should be followed by some logical facts. in that sense we can call that a "healthy trend". CKB already has some of its logical facts and yet nothing special had happened in the price. its good to keep an eye on CKB cause the missing part of the puzzle is the price movement.

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