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Jul 28, 2018

The situation seems to be the same as during the last research.

taken from half-closed Santiment beta. On-chain analyses

This time we also look into the "Token age burn", which shows (through the spikes) when either big amount of tokens have been moved or smaller amount but with higher "aging" value.

For EOS there seem to be an interesting "behaviour" here. The last spike happened on a relatively small transaction volume (not shown on the chart above, doesn't fir into screen while capturing). Means quite a lot of "aged tokens" have been moved. Quite a big part of it was moved to the exchange(s) - (also not show here).

It seems like we've experienced "wall of worry" - taking profit/moving our of the asset when price growth after the previous strong decline.

Combined with the observation that the DAA hasn't picked up yet (means we are far away from any kind of excitement of the crowd) the call would stay the same - ZRX has the good potential for the growth.

Check by yourself the "beta" part of the Santiment platform. Though it's filled with a lot of rough data and makes it challenging to read it - it does provide deep level of insights into what is really happening.

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Jul 28, 2018

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