Monthly Events(MARCH) by XT

Following the SEC crackdown on stablecoins, Coinbase and Aave announced they will no longer support $BUSD, leading to a shift towards decentralized solutions

Tokens such as $FRX, $MKR, $LQTY, and $RAI are likely to benefit.

However, it's worth noting that $FRAX and $DAI still have considerable Circle exposure.

The Shanghai Upgrade in March could create significant selling pressure, but LSDs are expected to gain market share going forward, benefiting tokens like $LDO, $FXS, $RPL

$YFI is in an interesting spot following their $yETH launch, which is a basket of LSDs with boosted yields, providing both diversification and increased returns to investors ZK is gaining attention with Polygon's zk-EVM Mainnet, zkSync Mainnet and Scroll testnet launches, as well as $MINA's ZK-oracles imminent launch.

This could lead to the long-touted ZK-season and benefit $MATIC, $MINA, $LRC, $IMX, $DUSK, $CELR

$OP Bedrock Upgrade on March 30th will reduce transaction fees and allow the usage of zero-knowledge proofs

$ATOM Interchain Security is a significant upgrade that allows smaller chains to benefit from Cosmos Hub's security by exchanging $ATOM tokens

$STX and Ordinals Inscriptions will likely be the main winners in the growing Bitcoin Layer 2 narrative

$STG token migration is set to happen on March 15th, reducing the total supply by 10% and removing Alameda's tokens

$UNIDX perpetual aggregator V3 is expected to launch soon, integrating DEXes various from chains such as Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism and BNB Chain

$RNDT V2 upgrade is around the corner and will feature significantly improved tokenomics and the listing of 20 new collateral assets

$OGV is implementing deflationary tokenomics by burning 50% of buy-back tokens and aims to acquire the mStable protocol, gaining access to $2.6M treasury and $12.7M TVL

$MKR founder Rune is swapping his $LDO holdings to $MKR, following recent updates that allow $MKR as a collateral asset and the launch of the Spark Protocol

$DYDX proposals to reduce trading rewards by 45% and remove trading discounts have been approved and will be implemented soon, significantly reducing inflationary pressure

$FXS's FRAX reserves to become fully backed with $USDC, $FXS and $ETH, currently at 92.25%

$LDO V2 upgrade is set to happen in March, and will introduce staked $ETH withdrawal functionality and Staking Router Binance will conduct its first

$LUNC burn on March 2nd by burning 50% of the trading fees Shibarium,

$GHO and $crvUSD launches are set to launch soon

$KLAY has passed a proposal to burn 66% of its total supply with an initial burn of 50% in Q2, and the remaining burn to be distributed over 3 years

$CHZ layer 1 blockchain is expected to launch in March

$FIL Virtual Machine launches on March 14th

$EOS EVM Testnet launches on March 27th, followed by the Mainnet release on April 15th

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