MKR (RWA) End Game

MKR's price dynamics and its steady progression towards an inevitable climax, commonly referred to as the 'End Game,' have been on our radar for quite a while, particularly as it formulates part of our portfolio.

Maker DAO is an innovator in the arena of Real World Assets (RWA). In this case, we're dealing with the tokenisation of Treasury Bonds, or more specifically, the adaptation of revenue streams deriving from these T-Bonds. While they are not the only crypto market participant in this field, they're arguably one of the most prominent ones who have successfully implemented their strategy thus far. Other projects conducting comparable activities lag behind.

However, leading carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

On a positive note, being at the forefront facilitates building traction, garnering attention, and establishing market dominance (at least in the beginning stages). Conversely,

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