Mixing on the BTC network

Unusual activity on the oldest non-DFI chain with limited capabilities. Halving or ETF?


Daily active addresses without major price action may mean an inventory in the portfolios of big fish. In times of on-chain analyses, Perhaps there is a move in progress and that is why we are observing increased traffic?

D .A.A.

The range of 100 - 100,000 may be too wide in the current approach. For the purposes of this observation, I assumed that in the future, with higher prices and half the production, the threshold of 100 will introduce such owners to the premium group.


The mountain of stablecoins is slowly melting away, But this is not the time to get excited -

mc btc eth vs. stable

large capital has a grip on the value of the crypto market and is playing calmly, finishing off the last enthusiasts and those who get ahead of the line


1Y investors may assume that the bottom has already been reached and the current prices are the end of the sale. The market has probably already been cleared and prepared for a new group and fresh cash.

356 MVRV

Bitcoin trading with three bull markets behind and an increase of 38,839.50% requires looking for unusual strategies


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