MEME (and Memecoins) Trends Following RoaringKitty's Return After 3-Year Absence, GME and ROAR Blast Off!

🕹️📈 #KeithGill, also known as #RoaringKitty, made his return on Sunday after being known as the face of the 2021 #GameStop breakout.

#Gamestop's +74% surge has caused #crypto traders to take part in massive #memecoin pumps Monday.

Although $MEME comes up in the Saantiment algorithm as the top trending coin, it is likely only due to the association of other assets in the same space seeing massive breakouts today. The big stories are:

🪙 $GME (sharing its ticker name with the #Gamestop stock) has seen its price rise over +1,300% in the past 24 hours.

🪙Also, #RoaringKitty, with the ticker $ROAR is up a staggering +4,100% in the past 24 hours.

Check to see when various coins on your portfolio hit our Trending Coins dashboard here, which mathematically calculates when the crowd has caught on and may be having #FOMO toward an asset (causing a top)!

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