MATIC doesn't care about BTC, pumps to ATH

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May 18, 2019

One of the few coins going against the grain today, MATIC experienced a 63.1% upswing since yesterday morning, currently sitting at an all time high 202 Satoshi.

MATIC’s latest rally makes it one of the few market-wide outliers in a day where most of the high and mid-caps mirrored BTC’s retraction. Quite peculiar for a coin that’s virtually traded sideways since its IEO until earlier this week.

“The entire crypto market just dumped except for $MATIC. Never a dull day in crypto. Congratulations to those that got in.“

The is the second time this week that we see elevated MATIC chatter, with over 1200 social media messages mentioning the coin in the past 24 hours:

Just like with the initial uptrend, however, the crowd remains split on what’s pumping MATIC. Some are pointing to the project’s recent integration with Decentraland as the catalyst for the rally:

While others claim the coin’s become a staple of Pump and Dump groups as of late:

Whatever the case, there’s been a healthy amount of MATIC FOMO all over crypto social media. Those that missed the first leg are now hoping for a decent correction so they can join the party:

MATIC is not alone in pumping though. Interestingly enough, most Binance IEO coins are having a good 24 hours, including FET, which is currently up 23.7% for the day:

CELR, with a cool 15% spike in the last 24 hours, and 75% (!) for the week:

Even the OG coin of Binance Launchpad is recording 50% gains for the last 7 days

Of course much of this is in line with the recent market-wide trends, tho Bitcoin’s latest retraction does make the sustained uptrends a tad more noteworthy.

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May 18, 2019

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