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Mar 7, 2019

Here are some selected on-chain metrics with the purpose to "look under the hood".

I picked them to show both the current situation + historical overview.

Two things are visible.

1) On-chain activity clearly picked up and went to the new level since end of 2018

2) Amount of the new addresses created (on average 100 per day) contributes significantly to the DAA.

Let's check what we can see on a level of token-to/from exchange interaction:

Here is one observation is of special interest.

Close to MKR bottom (October-November 2018) there have been much more transactions where exchange wallets/addresses were involved. This number became much less in the last few months. Seems like we've seen:

1) Strong emotional pressure on MKR holders (once it went down to around 300 $)

2) Redistribution

Finally, how active involved are "deposit addresses" from the exchanges?

Here is one thing of a particular interest.

The amount of daily transaction involving the exchange deposit addresses grew (and keeps growing) exponential during the last 2-3 months.

Not an investment advice, but.

All combined these metrics/observation could mean that the speculative interest for MKR is rapidly (almost exponential) growing. This, based on a strong fundamentals could mean - we might be close to the price explosion.

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Mar 7, 2019

Thanks for reading!

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