LTC price paused on it's way to halvening

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Garry Kabankin
May 28, 2019

Today Litecoin paused it's uptrend and people are talking about upcoming LTC halvening.

Today the countdown timer slipped from 70 days left to 69.

Do You guys think that the upcoming halving will have a significant impact on ltc? I have the feeling right now that most of the people are only paying attention to bitcoin.

I think LTC is prime for more gains The halving is coming up in 2 months so I expect the price to even double from where it is now in the next 70 days or so. when you see LTC take a big dip load up on it on low leverage. You are almost guaranteed some profits

People are often mentioning BTC in context of LTC halvening.

Let's check the charts?

Halvening LTC:

And halvening BTC:

Can't see anything specific here.

Ok, are there interesting patterns on BTC social volume vs LTC social volume at the same timeframe?

100% - total social volume, red - LTC, blue - BTC
100% - total social volume, red - LTC, blue - BTC

One interesting spike can be observed.

On February 8-9 LTC social volume overtook BTC significantly.

And it's not related to halvening, simply first strong LTC pump in 2018 took place around these dates.

Good'al BTC fork is still close to his elder brother in many senses.

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Garry Kabankin
May 28, 2019

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