LTC in few hours before halving

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Garry Kabankin
Aug 5, 2019

One of the most popular Sunday's topics based on Santiment's data was LTC halving.

No wonder when it's less then a day left till halving happens.

Halving countdown -

Meanwhile the overall social volume for LTC keeps going down since June 12th, when the price was close to top. Of course it popped up in trends around that day -'s-way-to-halving-497

One of recent halving studies concluded a few interesting points:

Meanwhile in social buzz:

  • Nothing will happen 😒 everything will be the after halving. Ltc will follow btc and that is it
  • Halving price kicked in like 1-2 months back. Halving price usually isn’t exciting at the actual time of halving or after. I think LTC will do great long tho after halving
  • Ltc halving for sure wil cut ltc price into half lol
  • Interesting timing, btc halvings happen in times of bullish momentum when ltc halvings take place in bearish times leaving much more time to buy ltc before it builds bullish momentum. Well, thats what happened the first time, there is something much different about this market.
  • LTC miner here. You may be right, but I'm not planning on selling any of my LTC hodlings any time soon. Let's see how this year plays out...

General expectation:

“The market has matured a lot since the last Bitcoin and Litecoin halvings. Though we couldn't possibly expect a mirror reaction, the LTC halving should give us some indication of what to expect when BTC does the same next year.”



Side note.

The Litecoin Foundation is asking for donations to support the development of private transactions on Litecoin.

LTC devactivity chart:

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Garry Kabankin
Aug 5, 2019

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