Looking into REEF's pre pump activity

Assets covered: Reef Finance (REEF)

Metrics used: Social volume, exchange flow balance, whale transactions count, supply on exchanges, supply held by top non-exchange addresses, network realized profit/loss.

Source: Coinposters

Reef is a DeFi platform built on Polkadot that aims to deliver cross-chain trading.

It has already appeared in Santiment insights with a sort of an Alameda drama.

One day ago REEF appeared on Santrends thanks to an unusual amount of mentions in crypto social media:

Source: Santrends

Telegram and Twitter were full of excitement with super bullish calls. And that super excitement been looking quite unnatural, especially taking into account an outstanding amount of these messages. This is how Reef mentions spike looking on chart:

Reef social volume

No wonder REEF dumped after that.

The most interesting thing is what preceded Reef's pump. Could it be an orchestrated activity with some kind of preparations before?

1. Spikes in exchange inflow

Reef exchange flow balance

There is a probability that someone starting positioning solid amounts of REEF to exchanges a couple of weeks prior to pump.

2. Enhanced millionaire whale transaction activity

Reef 1M whale transaction count

Same area, whales moving funds day by day. To exchanges?

3. Increasing REEF supply on exchanges

REEF supply on exchanges

Same couple of weeks, REEF supply on exchanges growing day by day. Who could have been doing that?

4. Opposite: decreasing whale holdings

REEF supply held by top non-exchange addresses

An opposite trend can be noticed here. Perhaps like whales moving funds to exchanges.

5. Extremely high network profit and loss

REEF realized network profit/loss

On a full REEF lifespan, the latest pump has born biggest spikes in network profit for those who has been well prepared. And the biggest possible loss for others.

Well played!

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