Layer 2 coins are on the come up. Here's how NOT to get burned

With Ethereum fees reaching unprecedented levels, new and established Layer 2 solutions - and, more importantly, their native tokens - are quickly becoming the narrative for market opportunists.

In the past few months, incumbent coins like Loopring (LRC) and Matic (MATIC) have seen strong price appreciation (and accompanying volatility), with the hype quickly seeping into any and all L2-adjacent tokens with a half-decent pitch.

A few days ago, Crypto Lark published a video titled ‘ETHEREUM IN BIG TROUBLE’, in which he posits that, while - and because - transaction fees are a major concern, he remains sternly bullish on a variety of Layer 2 coins and their future potential. And at least judging by my Twitter timeline as of late, Lark is by no means alone in this sentiment:

(P.S. our Screener now has a ‘Layer 2’ filter,

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