Keeper waves and dips

Assets covered: Keeper (KP3R)

Metrics used: Social Volume, Trading Volume, Daily Active Addresses, Network Growth

The proxy to true innovation.

What is KP3R? Because it is more for programmers than ordinary users, it is difficult for most users to understand what it is through intuitive experience. The KP3R network provides a market of jobs, where one party is the agreement to issue tasks, and the other is the trigger for executing tasks. The person who performs the task is called Keeper, and the task issued by the agreement is the call request of the smart contract.

There are a large number of tasks on the current smart contract that need to be triggered to execute (triggering liquidation, calling oracles, unlocking collateral, etc.). This is why there are many tasks (jobs).

KP3R’s task market has a lot of tasks that need

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