Justin Sun buys lunch with Warren Buffet, community having fun

This topic stays on top of social volume for the second day.

It was covered greatly yesterday - https://app.santiment.net/insights/read/justin-sun-buys-lunch-with-warren-buffet-for-%244.5m%2C-splits-cryptoverse-472

Today just having fun around it.

For example this is how Mr. Buffet is preparing for the lunch (possibly! source - https://medium.com/@kadhirvelavan_96158/warren-buffetts-preparation-for-justin-sun-s-lunch-4e0a175c0c9 ):

  1. He is bringing in a laptop so that he can trade Tron before Justin announces their lunch session. If he could buy some Tron before the “Announcement of the Announcement” and sell it before the actual announcement would make her the richest man on the planet.
  2. He is also discussing with his team of experts whether Berkshire Hathaway can sell the entire Apple shares and buy some USDT and keep it ready to trade Tron and BitTorrent tokens.
  3. He has also enquired about Justin’s shilling techniques and will be well prepared for it. For example, he would be bringing ear muff in case he was forced to hear his nonstop shilling that would even bring blood in his ears.
  4. He has also decided not to use the restroom in the restaurant where they are having lunch since he knows that Justin would have covered entire washroom with his images that includes the tissue paper and closet.
  5. Previously Warren accused “Bitcoin” as a“Rate Poison Squared,” but now he doesn’t want to name Tron to be “Mosquito Repellent” kind of stuff since he knows that Justin is smart enough to market that also among his “Shitcoin Army.”
  6. Warren also wants his team to note “Minutes of Meeting” very carefully; otherwise, Justin would market anything that was not said by him.
  7. But one thing that Warren wants to learn from Justin is to how to copy past whitepaper without getting caught for Plagiarism.
  8. Buffett also wants to know secrets from Justin on how to create “Buffett Coin” out of thin air without any use case and pump and dump it several times to become the “World Richest.”
  9. Buffett has requested the restaurant to prepare more delicious items so that Justin’s mouth would more into eating rather than talking.
  10. Last but not least, Buffett should have paid for this lunch rather than Justin paying for it, because there is a lot of takeaways for the Billionaire from this Tron kid.

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