Japanese virtual currency spot trading service starts with XRP

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Garry Kabankin
Aug 1, 2019

Key Ripple Partner SBI Launches Virtual Currency Spot Trading Service VCTRADE Pro.

According to the report, it will initially list XRP/JPY, BTC/JPY, and ETH/JPY with more services come in later days.

In a nutshell, XRP is the common currency, SBI has been bullish on. So far, SBI has seen as the active blockchain player since a few years, being super fervent on Ripple payment networks and cryptocurrency.

Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of Tokyo based SBI Holdings, is either retarded or deeply vested in shilling XRP. He predicted in March 2018 that XRP price to reach $10, then again in February 2018 he predicted the same thing.

Yoshitaka Kitao

It's also known that Yoshitaka Kitao has become a member of Board of Directors of Ripple.

Crowd expectations on this news were bullish as well:

  • oh my gosh guys. sbi vc is going live today. xrp to the moon
  • Gotta say, itโ€™s seems like the market might be having a pre-SBI VC buying action, many people anticipating a pump? That alone can cause a pump in the crypto space ๐Ÿ˜‚

Even asking CoinMarketCap to add SBI to list of available exchanges.

XRP price action:

+1.4% followed by correction

XRP Social volume:

Not impressive at all

SBI chatter:

Relatively high

SBI chatter peaked higher a year ago, when they first opened crypto exchange to public.

Some XRP memes for those who have read this to the end :)

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Garry Kabankin
Aug 1, 2019

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