Is NFT hype cooling off for a while?

Assets covered: Enjin (ENJ), Decentraland (MANA), Chiliz (CHZ)

Metrics used: Active Addresses, Trading Volume, Social Volume, Supply Distribution by balance of addresses

It seems like the NFT craze starting to slow down a little bit. The total mentions of NFTs have been declining for about a few weeks now:

Source: Social Trends

It might be connected with fees on Ethereum network, which are cooling down as well:

Source: Sanbase

A few weeks ago the biggest part of gas has been burned by OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, and now Uniswap has flipped it, becoming the biggest gas burner again.

Next we might want to have a look at general activity of the biggest NFT related ERC-20 tokens: ENJ, MANA, CHZ. Three projects that have been pumping back in March and April. These were the predecessors of the today's NFT, these are the OGs. Where they are now, compared to where they were in the first leg of the NFT craze. Just in terms of their active addresses, in terms of whether people are selling or not.


We can take only three major volumes and whales for a short overview (active addresses, trading volume, social volume, supply distribution by balance):

Source: Sanbase

What do we see here?

  • Volumes saying that the crowd involvement in Enjin has been much stronger in spring. Almost 10 times stronger then now. And it keeps declining. No "fresh blood" flood into these tokens.
  • Surprisingly whales were late to the spring ENJ party, bought the dip and offloaded recently.


Source: Sanbase
  • Same here: the crowd involvement in MANA has been much stronger in spring and keeps declining. No "fresh blood" flood into Decentraland too.
  • Whales were smart and early in spring, now almost reluctant, offloading slightly.


Source: Sanbase
  • CHZ looks a bit different. It's onchain activity (active addresses) has been higher in spring on average. But it also has some strong irregular spikes. Connected to various 'fan tokens' release by Chiliz may be.
  • Whales' balances are volatile but keep increasing in long term. Even higher than in spring now. Do they know something?


If NFT craze if probably cooling off a bit indeed, then what's next? DeFi again? Watch this space.

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