IOTA shows a red flag

One of the trending coins since yesterday is IOTA:

It's social volume is highest since October:

and is related with nice IOTA's price action - almost ×2 in a month!

First of all nice to find out what happened at the bottom and what were people talking about back then:

First social volume spike happened on December 18th.

Santiment Social Data Feed interface (available for Sandata users) is a best tool for analyzing social background any date.


  1. 1. IOTA releases an "End of Year Dev Update — Roadmap for 2020"
  2. 2. Trinity wallet users can buy Toyota... excuse me, can buy IOTA directly from the wallet -
  3. 3. "Announcing Spark: A Web-Based Low-Security Burner Wallet"
  4. 4. "Introducing Hornet — a lightweight IOTA node"
  5. 5. Not really that much talks in cryptoverse, lots of #2 announcement reposts

- Take a Look at #IOTA in 5 Years... The Potential is bigger than big....

- Man im going to pick up a lot of iota

- A fantastic future ahead for IOTA

- Iota is a long play. A VERY long play.

- Last i heard about IOTA was that co-founder dumped the premine and exit the project

- holy moly look iota coin of the future quantum hacking proof, just constantly dumping like a piece of shyt

Generally quite positive mood can be observed during IOTA's bottom on December 18th. And price remained 'stable' until second social boom.

December 30th bursts community with this:

The IOTA mainnet incident is behind the second spike.

Well it happens with blockchains from time to time.

Incident summary -

Trying to measure the moods again:

Negative buzz this time. Clear negative.
No wonder price began it's way up.

Clear bottom sign.

The question is what's inside the community now?

Today and yesterday:

Nothing negative.


It's a large red flag.

Checking with Santiment Graphs: Social:

Thanks for reading!

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