Introducing Santiment governance on Snapshot!

Submit proposals and vote on Santiment's future roadmap on Snapshot

With the Santiment user base quickly growing, we want to make sure that the Santiment community and SAN token holders maintain an active and growing role in the project roadmap.

At the moment, most community feedback - including feature requests, product directions and new suggestions on SAN tokenomics - are gathered on our Discord server and through 1-on-1 user interviews.

To increase the transparency of these and other proposals and extend the team’s accountability, we’re happy to introduce Santiment’s governance voting on Snapshot!

Snapshot is an off-chain governance client where anyone can participate by submitting and voting on community proposals. It’s completely gasless and used by more than 400 projects, including Uniswap, Aragon, Yearn Finance and many others.

Starting today, you can use Snapshot to suggest and vote on next Santiment features, prioritize future product development and launch new community initiatives.

Would you like to see specific blockchains added to Sanbase, or suggest new ways to analyze coins and their key stakeholders? Want to pitch a new growth channel or suggest changes to current SAN tokenomics?

Anyone holding SAN or providing SAN liquidity on Uniswap can now create and vote on new Santiment governance proposals.

How to make a new proposal:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right corner. Make sure you hold SAN in your wallet or are currently providing liquidity to SAN-related pools on Uniswap.
  3. 3. Click on ‘New Proposal’
  4. 4. Fill out the title, outline your proposal and select the voting options
  5. 5. Set the voting start and end date
  6. 6. Choose the Snapshot block number
  7. 7. Hit publish
Anyone holding SAN or providing SAN-related liquidity on Uniswap can create Snapshot proposals

Important: The Snapshot block number defines which community members are able to vote on your proposal. For example, if Alice comes across a proposal whose block number is set in the past, and she didn’t hold any SAN (or provided SAN liquidity) at the time, Alice won’t be able to vote on said proposal.

You can click on the "?" mark in the top right corner to get the block number, or visit and use the last block number.

How to vote on a proposal:

  1. 1. Go to and select one of the active proposals
  2. 2. Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right corner.
  3. 3. Under ‘Cast your vote’, click on the option that you want to vote for
  4. 4. Sign the message via your wallet
Voting on a Snapshot proposal is quick and easy

Important: your voting power is based on the snapshot of your wallet’s SAN balance (or your share of all SAN pools for which you provide liquidity) at the time of the proposal’s snapshot block.

We hope our new governance structure will help streamline new feature requests and project roadmap, and give SAN stakeholders a more direct stake in determining the future of the Santiment platform.

To get involved, check out Santiment’s new governance page on

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