Here’s What November’s Most Active ERC-20 Dapps Have Been Working On

Each month, we shine a spotlight on the 10 ERC-20 projects with the highest-recorded developer activity for the past 30 days, as calculated by Santiment.

Development Activity is an often-underrated indicator of project success, as it demonstrates the month-to-month commitment to creating a working product, continuously polishing and upgrading its features, and staying true to the long-term roadmap.

In this report, we are focusing only on ‘pure ERC-20’, i.e. those projects that are (currently) committed to developing on Ethereum, and have as of yet no working mainnet or an imminent token swap.

You can check out the latest dev activity ‘power rankings’ for all ERC-20 assets on Sanbase, by filtering the ERC-20 projects by Dev Activity (30d).

Top 10 ERC-20 projects by dev activity in November (Source: Sanbase)

As always, we asked all of this month’s top 10 most active ERC-20 dapps what they’ve been working on for the past month. Here’s what they told us:

1. Gnosis

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market platform
Gnosis’ development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"During November, we’ve been incorporating feedback from our first beta users directly into the Sight prediction market platform to improve the trading experience. We’d love to hear more from the community, and you can apply to join the beta here:

Additionally, we’re developing the frontend for the first proof of concept for our next decentralized trading protocol, dFusion."

2. Storj

Storj provides private and secure decentralized cloud object storage
Storj’s development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"The biggest update from Storj Labs this month is the team announced its Beta 2 release, which is its final milestone before reaching production in early January 2020. The Storj development team made updates to its Satellite console to improve the user experience and add support for credit card and STORJ token payments.

They split up all of the major services on the Satellite so they can be scaled independently, as well as allow the Satellite to survive some of these services crashing without bringing down the entire system. They’ve finished up testing the graceful exit functionality and will be launching it once the final bugs are resolved.

The team is also working on adding support for Cockaroch DB on the Satellite so those databases can be scaled horizontally, finishing the trash feature in the garbage collection process, implementing the zombie segment cleaner so that segments that are inaccessible are automatically deleted, and improving the delete architecture so that the delete operations on the network happen faster for users. 

The Storj network is currently operating on par with legacy cloud storage providers in terms of performance. The team also announced pricing for its Tardigrade cloud storage service, at half the price of the three largest cloud storage providers."

3. Status

Status is an open source mobile Dapp browser and messenger built for Ethereum
Status' development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"Here’s what’s been keeping us busy in November:

  • Status v1 - wrapping up final v1 issues for our December 13th code freeze: addressing audit reports, re-enabling `/send` and `/request` payment commands and bug fixing. We’re going live with v1 in January 2020!
  • Keycard - most remaining v1 features and bugs related to Keycard have been merged. The `/request` screen for the payment network is in its final stage of implementation. We released an exciting prototype of a WalletConnect <> Keycard companion app. 
  • Embark - releasing Embark 5.0.alpha.1; working on Subspace 1.2 and Embark 5.0.beta.0 
  • Nimbus / Libp2p - syncing up with the latest version of the Eth2 spec (0.9.3), and publishing metadata files for our open testnets, allowing other clients to join more easily. Worked on a new CI setup facilitating fuzzing and performance testing. Significant progress has been made on the native GossipSub implementation `nim-libp2p`.
  • Vac - Kicking off Waku PoC and v0.1 spec, see here for more!"

4. 0x

0x is creating an open protocol for decentralized exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain
0x’s development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

Here's an excerpt from 0x's most recent dev update:

"We kicked-off the vote on 0x v3, also known as ZEIP-56. ZRX holders had the opportunity to vote from November 4th through the 11th. We are thrilled to announce that ZEIP-56 was approved by the token holders! Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting process.

We are very excited about the launch of 0x v3, as this upgrade will deepen networked liquidity and improve the developer experience building on 0x. The features included in v3 enable 0x to become a community-owned liquidity API and the DEX liquidity aggregator for the greater DeFi ecosystem.

There are a few steps developers need to take in order to enjoy the benefits introduced by this new release, which include ZRX staking, liquidity bridges for DEX aggregation, and other technical features.

0x v3 introduces a staking system that grants market makers ownership in the protocol and monetary rewards based on their share of liquidity provided and the share of ZRX tokens staked in their pools.

We have just published a new guide that assists market makers in the registration and management of these staking pools, to make sure they avoid losing the liquidity rewards they are eligible for. The process is anonymous, non-custodial and secure."

5. Fetch

Fetch.Ai is developing an a AI-powered blockchain for complex problem solving
Fetch’s development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"We are thrilled to be included for the second month in succession. The team have continued to work hard ahead of the release of the mainnet in the next few weeks.

During November, have also been adding the finishing touches to our final tech release before the mainnet is lauched. Code-named Aries, the update includes a number of innovative machine learning features."

6. Raiden Network

Raiden Network facilitates fast, cheap, scalable token transfers for Ethereum
Raiden Network’s development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"This month, the Raiden development team focused on:

  • Refactoring the Matrix transport layer, especially tackling the “presence bug”
  • Performance optimization for the pathfinding service
  • Extensive testing and debugging in preparation for the next mainnet release
  • Adding new scenarios to the testing suite

Besides that, work on the Raiden Light Client SDK and UI progressed steadily. Last but not least, we are preparing our onboarding and installation tool, the Raiden Wizard, for the upcoming mainnet release „Alderaan“ by adding more functionalities and are continuously extending the content of our revised docs 2.0 with tutorials and walkthroughs."

7. Maker

MakerDAO is building a decentralized stablecoin collateralized by crypto and governed by the community
Maker's development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"November was all about launching Multi-Collateral Dai aka Much Cooler Dai!

The Smart Contracts team worked diligently on finishing Formal Verification of the core system, making sure Migration contracts were ready and battle-tested, and proceeded to deploy and verify the whole MCD system ahead of the launch date. 

In terms of UI, we've been focused on supporting the MCD launch, with two main efforts: 

  • the new migration site at, to convert SAI to DAI and CDPs to Vaults
  • the launch of the new, combining the Oasis trading platform with MCD Vault management and access to the Dai Savings Rate"

8. Aragon

Aragon lets people create and manage a decentralized organization on Ethereum, and create global, bureaucracy-free companies and communities
Aragon's development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"November kept Aragon contributors busy working on major updates to several projects including:

Anyone interested in working on these projects with us is invited to join Aragon's vibrant open source community, apply for a job in the Aragon ecosystem, or simply stop by the Aragon Chat to introduce yourself and what you'd like to help with!"

9. Augur

Augur is a decentralized oracle and peer-to-peer protocol for prediction markets
Augur's development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

"The last month has seen Augur pulling together all the various components and features to allow our first large end to end tests. In the coming weeks the team will be running user tests on the Kovan testnet, as well as public small-scale competitions on testnet to test out features!

Development work has been focused mainly on:

  • Providing a framework for market templates and market validation so users can know a market was created based upon a template that has been vetted for validity.
  • Integrating with the Gnosis Safe on-chain wallet for eth-less transactions
  • Integrating with 0x v3 to allow for fast order books.
  • Tons of work on performance and reliability, including a peer-to-peer warp sync feature which allows augur clients to quickly get verified historical augur data all in browser.

All the pieces are coming together with the goal of complete end-to-end tests including Gnosis Safe, 0x trading, and all features within the next couple weeks."

10. Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to external data sources
Chainlink's development activity for the month of November (Source: Sanbase)

Here's an excerpt from Chainlink's recent community updates:

"Over the last few months, Chainlink embarked on a multi-city trip across China, Korea, Japan, and Singapore to accelerate the adoption of connected smart contracts. We continue to expand and decentralize the Chainlink ecosystem by adding project integrations, data providers, node operators, and developers from around the globe.

We not only educated new audiences about the importance of decentralized oracles, but also extended our presence in Asia by onboarding top data providers such as Binance, Tokenview and CoinGecko, integrating with new projects like Ontology and TomoChain, and incorporating several Asian based node operators.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Chainlink Community Advocate Program! This will enable our passionate and talented community members to play a pivotal role in Chainlink’s mission to develop the technology, tools, and community necessary to shift the way the world does business via new smart contract-based economies.

As a Chainlink Community Advocate, you will be on the front lines facilitating the education, events, and relationships that will drive the future of a smart contract ecosystem."

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