Here's what June's busiest ERC-20 Dapps have been working on🏗️

Each month, we shine a spotlight on the 10 ERC-20 projects with the highest-recorded developer activity for the past 30 days, as calculated by Santiment.

Development Activity is an often-underrated indicator of project success, as it demonstrates the month-to-month commitment to creating a working product, continuously polishing and upgrading its features, and staying true to the long-term roadmap.

In this report, we are focusing only on ‘pure ERC-20’, i.e. those projects that are (currently) committed to developing on Ethereum, and have as of yet no working mainnet or an imminent token swap.

You can check out the latest dev activity ‘power rankings’ for all ERC-20 assets on Sanbase, by filtering the ERC-20 projects by Dev Activity (30d).

Top 10 ERC-20 projects by dev activity in March (Source: Sanbase)

As always, we asked all of this month’s top 10 most active ERC-20 dapps what they’ve been working on for the past month. Here’s what they told us:

1. Status

Status is an open source mobile Dapp browser and messenger built for Ethereum
Status' development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

"Always a thrill to be at the #1 spot!

Status app:

    • We had a huge development push this month on Desktop, releasing alpha version on Mac & Linux (Windows coming soon!) We’ll be following it up with biweekly updates.
    • On mobile, v1.4 landed, our first ever to integrate our awesome Keycard. Users can now tap Keycard against their phones to authorize app transactions, log in, and store cryptocurrency with the Status mobile app on Android.

  • Nimbus - big month here too as Nimbus (our next-generation Ethereum client) launched on the ETH2 Altona testnet
  • Vac - we put forward our latest solution to scaling issues in Waku (our fork of Whisper protocol). Meet Waku2."

2. Gnosis

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market platform
Gnosis' development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

"The previous month was big for prediction markets. We saw the launch of two independent prediction market platforms, Omen and Polymarket, both built on the Gnosis conditional token framework. 

Our conditional token framework enables higher resolution information discovery for prediction markets, by creating event-based token assets with conditional outcomes. You can learn more about the framework and Omen, launched by the DXdao, in our blog post Omen and the Next Generation of Prediction Markets.

Additionally, we have active liquidity mining programs with GNO rewards on Gnosis Protocol throughout this month of July. "

3. Band Protocol

Band Protocol connects smart contracts with off-chain information via community-curated data sources
Band Protocol's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

“Our engineers continue to work extensively on the functionality of BandChain Phase 1 which is live on the devnet alongside numerous partners who will be integrating upon Mainnet release.

In addition, we have implemented various patches to oracle scripts and CosmoScan while also releasing a frontend utility tool for projects to query data directly from BandChain.

As part of Stage 2 of the BandChain Phase 0 Mainnet rollout plan, we have announced several ecosystem partners who will be supporting token swap and staking such as Binance and BitMax.

Furthermore, we have completed integration with the Celo platform and participated as an official mentor for Celo Camp — a hybrid accelerator program in conjunction with the likes of Andreessen-Horowitz (a16z), Polychain, Winklevoss Capital, C Labs and other leading blockchain figures.

More information on our recent progress and milestones can be found in our June community update."

4. Aragon

Aragon lets people create and manage a decentralized organization on Ethereum, and create global, bureaucracy-free companies and communities
Aragon's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)
  • "Aragon Connect got released!

Connect is the #1 thing that Aragon users have asked us for. Now it’s here! Seamlessly integrate DAO functionality into your apps, at speed. For example, read all votes from a DAO in just 4 lines of code. Start integrating DAO functionality inside your apps now at

  • Coinbase explores adding ANT

Coinbase Custody already listed ANT just a couple months ago. Now, Coinbase itself is exploring adding ANT. Read more →

  • New token pages for ANT, ANJ and ARA

The Aragon Network is a digital jurisdiction for digital organizations, and ANT is its fuel. ANJ (Aragon Court) and ARA (Aragon Chain) are work tokens for different service protocols of the Aragon Network.

The new token pages clearly explain what each token does and the relationship between them.

Read more about ANT, ANJ and ARA.

  • New advisory board for the Aragon Association

The Aragon Association just announced its new advisory board composed of Tim Draper, Brayton Williams, and Stefano Bernardi.

Check out more updates and milestones from the Aragon team in our monthly project update!"

5. Raiden Network

Raiden Network facilitates fast, cheap, scalable token transfers for Ethereum
Raiden Network's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

"This month the team has mostly been busy with house keeping in the wake of the Alderaan mainnet release. This resulted in a new release that fixed some minor bugs and introduced and all new and reworked WebUI for the Raiden client. To read more about the new WebUI, have a look at this blogpost.

At the same time, the Raiden Client team has also been working on a PoC for using WebRTC for the transport layer of Raiden in order to significantly speed up the time it takes to do transfers.

On the Light Client side of things, the team continues to work towards feature parity with the Raiden Client. At the same time testing of the light client has started in order to make sure that everything works for the mainnet release of the light client that's planned for later this year."

6. Maker

MakerDAO is building a decentralized stablecoin collateralized by crypto and governed by the community
Maker's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

“In June, MKR holders accepted four new assets into the Maker Protocol: KNC (Kyber Network), ZRX (0x), TUSD (TrueUSD), and USDC-B (Circle’s USDC token with different risk parameters), bringing the total number of collateral types that can be used to generate Dai to eight. The Maker voting community continues to work together to bring financial stability and transparency to the world economy.”

Furthermore, here’s an excerpt from Maker’s June governance review:

“The second Governance Cycle, which began June 1 and ended on June 26, included some significant milestones for the Maker community and MakerDAO.

Six proposals entered the Governance Cycle this month and were successfully ratified on June 25. With the passing of these proposals, Maker now officially has a Risk Domain Team, an updated Collateral Onboarding framework, and a new system to enable Maker Governance to signal an intention to the wider community. Learn more about the six ratified proposals:

Next, two new MIPs were submitted with the intention to enter July’s Governance Cycle:

7. Decentraland

Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual world, built and owned by its users.
Decentraland's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

“Not surprisingly, lockdown in the physical world has prompted an uptick in Decentraland’s shared virtual realm, with new and existing Decentralanders enjoying a host of new experiences and features.

The highlight in June was Art Week which took place in the Genesis City precinct. The first event of its kind, Art Week saw dozens of digital artists exhibit their work in newly built galleries, with around 500 users visiting the event every day.

Art Week also gave the community the opportunity to road-test a number of features new to the virtual world, including:

  • Displaying any image NFT as a picture frame, including animated gifs
  • Live streaming of a video or audio event into the world
  • Handing out POAP tokens to event attendees, that players can show off as proof that they were at the event. Over 1500 POAPs were distributed over Art Week
  • Implementation of external links leading to an NFT’s selling page
  • Considerably faster loading times, even given the size of many of the NFT art pieces being loaded

Driving even more users to the site, the Moonshot Crypto World Cup will take place in July – a five-a-side football tournament featuring teams from 24 crypto projects. There’s also a major fashion event to showcase brand new wearables, available for sale and trade in the Decentraland Marketplace.

For more info, check out the Events page at”

8. Synthetix

Synthetix is a crypto-backed synthetic asset platform that provides on-chain exposure to real-world currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices
Synthetix's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

“Synthetix has been heads-down delivering on our 2020 Roadmap. Here are some of our recent highlights:

Synthetix is the derivatives liquidity protocol for developers. Our vision is for developers to leverage Synthetix’s ability to tokenize assets across industries to gain access to important markets inside and out of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, unlocking a new world of highly accessible, unstoppable financial tools.

Expect much more from the Synthetix community soon. Stay up-to-date on Synthetix by following us on Twitter or join the community on Discord. “

9. Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to external data sources
Chainlink's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

Here's a list of some of the recent integrations announced by Chainlink:

  • Cargo, the all-in-one NFT platform for developers, artists, and collectors, is integrating Chainlink VRF to offer highly scalable white-labeled NFT minting services to enterprise game companies. (link)
  • Supported by the South Korean government, blockchain platform Fletachain is integrating Chainlink to connect with & validate off-chain patient health data. This allows doctors, researchers, and patients to more easily manage and share clinical health records. (link)
  • China’s national Blockchain Services Network is integrating Chainlink as the preferred oracle network to provide BSN systems access to off-chain data. As part of this collaboration, Iris Network and SNZ Holding will also contribute technical integration support. (link)
  • Kyber Network's DEX Kyber Swap is now using Chainlink Price Reference Data to update asset prices in their UI. This provides KyberSwap users with more reliable price feeds for calculating slippage rates and further safeguards against price manipulation. (link)
  • Arpa Official is integrating Chainlink oracles to bring reliable data to its multiparty computation (MPC) network. ARPA plans to use Chainlink Price Reference Data to support its financial services, including a DeFi lending dApp for cross-chain assets. (link)

10. Santiment

Santiment is a platform for advanced crypto analytics, low-latency signals and curated market insights
Santiment's development activity for the month of June (Source: Sanbase)

“This month we’ve made some long-awaited updates to our main platform!

On top of our standard set of coin metrics, we’ve recently introduced two brand new metric categories to Sanbase: derivatives and crowd sentiment.

Derivative metrics are now available on Sanbase for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and include perpetual contract basis, funding rate, open interest and open value.

Crowd sentiment metrics are available for all coins in our database, and include the amount of positive and negative coin mentions, as well as the difference between the two. Sentiment metrics are available for 3 different channels: reddit, telegram, twitter and combined.

Other notable updates to Sanbase this month:

  • You can now select a custom timeframe on the chart with your mouse
  • You can now drag the edges of the minimap to zoom in and out of the charts
  • Added improved description tooltips for all metrics
  • Added prices in BTC and ETH for all assets
  • Development activity now shows 7-day MA by default
  • Various QOL updates around the platform

See the changes live on Sanbase!”

Thanks for reading!

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