Here's what July's busiest ERC-20 Dapps have been working on🏗️

Each month, we shine a spotlight on the 10 ERC-20 projects with the highest-recorded developer activity for the past 30 days, as calculated by Santiment.

Development Activity is an often-underrated indicator of project success, as it demonstrates the month-to-month commitment to creating a working product, continuously polishing and upgrading its features, and staying true to the long-term roadmap.

In this report, we are focusing only on ‘pure ERC-20’, i.e. those projects that are (currently) committed to developing on Ethereum, and have as of yet no working mainnet or an imminent token swap.

You can check out the latest dev activity ‘power rankings’ for all ERC-20 assets on Sanbase, by filtering the ERC-20 projects by Dev Activity (30d).

Top 10 ERC-20 projects by dev activity in July (Source: Sanbase)

As always, we asked all of this month’s top 10 most active ERC-20 dapps what they’ve been working on for the past month. Here’s what they told us:

1. Gnosis

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market platform
Gnosis' development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

“The first of July saw the launch of Omen, a decentralization maximalist prediction market platform launched, maintained, and governed by the DXdao. The DXdao built Omen on an open framework developed by Gnosis for prediction markets. By mid-July, markets on questions like “Will Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 launch before 2021?” reached over USD 120K equivalent in volume alone.

The Gnosis Safe Multisig announced a new mobile app, which is currently live in beta. Even more, the Gnosis Safe Apps selection expanded to include, Aave, Compound, Idle, Request, Sablier, Synthetix, and Transaction Builder. This means you can now put your funds to work in decentralized finance applications directly from the security of the Gnosis Safe Multisig.

Additionally, we have ongoing liquidity mining programs with GNO rewards on Gnosis Protocol throughout July and the coming month of August.“

2. Status

Status is an open source mobile Dapp browser and messenger built for Ethereum
Status' development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

“Excited to share our latest update with you. If you’d like more, check out our recently released Quarterly Report for the full scoop across the Status Network.

  • Status app:
    • Desktop alpha 3 is now launched
    • On mobile, we’re busy working towards the forthcoming v1.5 release, and our exciting new referral program, watch this space!
  • Nimbus - we’ve been making the case for running your own validator, and getting prepared for ETH2.0 Medalla launch
  • Vac - we published our latest research update on Waku, our p2p messaging protocol, covering moving to libp2p, better routing, adaptive nodes, and more! With Whisper officially dead, we are now carrying the torch for decentralised messaging in the Ethereum stack.”

3. Aragon

Aragon lets people create and manage a decentralized organization on Ethereum, and create global, bureaucracy-free companies and communities
Aragon's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

Here's an excerpt from Aragon's latest community update:

"ANT liquidity rewards 🤑

We are thrilled to announce Aragon's first foray into ANT liquidity rewards. Following in the footsteps of other great DeFi projects such as Synthetix, that pioneered the concept of liquidity rewards, the Aragon Association has decided to launch our own ANT liquidity rewards program.

The rewards clock starts ticking Wed July 22nd at 3pm UTC. Even before that, liquidity on Uniswap has skyrocketed! Participate →

More and more projects #PoweredByAragon 🚀

Curve Finance was the latest addition in the DeFi pack to announce they are using Aragon. Pillar Wallet also announced their Aragon DAO.

New Aragon Connect docs 📚

The new documentation is amazing, and if you are a developer this is for you! Check it out →

Other updates :

4. Maker

MakerDAO is building a decentralized stablecoin collateralized by crypto and governed by the community
Maker's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

Here are the most important milestones from the Maker team this month:

  • “The Smart Contracts team has been doing a lot of work onboarding tokens and working on liquidations
  • Working through updates to the governance and voting portal
  • Wrapping up the first stage of next-gen price query tool
  • Added new Light Feed partners to Oracles: Infura, Kyber Network, Infura, and Gitcoin”

5. Synthetix

Synthetix is a crypto-backed synthetic asset platform that provides on-chain exposure to real-world currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices
Synthetix's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

“Synthetix has been delivering at break-neck speed this month. We also announced our H2, 2020 Update as well as an updated 2020 Roadmap. Here are some of our recent highlights:

Synthetix is the derivatives liquidity protocol for developers. Our vision is for developers to leverage Synthetix’s ability to tokenize assets across industries to gain access to important markets inside and out of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, unlocking a new world of highly accessible, unstoppable financial tools.

Expect much more from the Synthetix community soon. Stay up-to-date on Synthetix by following us on Twitter or join the community on Discord. “

6. Band Protocol

Band Protocol connects smart contracts with off-chain information via community-curated data sources
Band Protocol's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

"Band Protocol has continued to focus on working closely with many leading layer-1 blockchain platforms as well as the native decentralized applications that are built on top to integrate custom oracle scripts on BandChain.

We’ve also released a mobile version of CosmoScan, improved incentive systems in BandChain, upgraded oracle scripts to support a wider range of utility libraries and also release the GuanYu Testnet #1 which had 50+ participating validators."

7. Augur

Augur is a decentralized oracle and peer-to-peer protocol for prediction markets
Augur's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

"The Augur v2 contracts were deployed to the Ethereum blockchain on July 28th after two years in the making. In concert, the Augur core developers released the Augur trading client. The team has worked relentlessly around the clock to iterate, cutting 8 client releases in the week since launching.

The Augur core developers also detailed the decentralization tenets of the new Augur client and contracts, including: IPFS for hosting, Dexie/IndexedDB for browser-contained syncing (and techniques for optimizing load times), and a total lack of administrative keys.

Give Augur v2 a try today!"

8. Santiment

Santiment is a platform for advanced crypto analytics, low-latency signals and curated market insights
Santiment's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

"It’s been another busy month at Santiment! We’ve added a number of must-try metrics to Sanbase, and added various quality-of-life changes all around the platform. Here’s a few of the most important updates this month:

  • Want to know what the asset’s biggest holders are doing? Nested under ‘Transaction Volume’, our new Top Transactions dashboard lets you select any time frame, and get a long list of the largest transactions for any asset. Use it to track the behavior of the biggest whales, identify rising sell pressure or spot accumulation trends.
  • We’ve also added Weighted Social Sentiment for all crypto assets, which measures the average crowd mood on over 1000 crypto-related social media channels. Want to know if the crowd how the community feels about BTC? Is the crowd bullish or bearish on ETH? Find out with our new Weighted Social Sentiment metric.
  • It’s been a long time coming, but the Santiment Screener is finally live! Monitor the crypto market with dozens of customizable parameters, and filter digital assets by their price, on-chain, development activity and more. Try our new crypto market Screener live on Sanbase!
  • If you're on our Discord, you've already heard us tease the release of San.R - an upcoming DeFi version of the market intelligence tools and indicators that Santiment has developed over the last 3 years! Designed as a decentralized protocol for developing and measuring relevant market signals, we're happy to reveal that San.R is now in early beta. Check out San.R's first iteration and sign up for all upcoming news and updates!

9. Keep Network

The Keep Network features off-chain containers that enable smart contracts' interactivity with private data
Keep Network's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

“The Keep team was busy in July, with a number of initiatives and milestones for the Network as well as for tBTC, to which Keep is a contributor.

In the coming weeks, tBTC’s latest release candidate, rc.1, will be deployed. The latest version addresses multiple issues from the previous iteration, and incorporates additional improvements. rc.1 comprises a new set of contracts that include a mitigation for the vulnerability discovered in rc.0, as well as other low and medium priority issues the team has discovered.

Playing for Keeps, which offers rewards of up to 200,000 KEEP, continues into its fourth month in August. Judges for the first three months included Cosmos’s Zaki Manian, DTC’s Spencer Noon, and Bison Trails’s Viktor Bunin.

Finally, the Keep Stakedrop, which will let people stake ETH to earn KEEP is underway. Those interested can learn more by following the Keep #tbtc channel on Discord.”

10. Raiden Network

Raiden Network facilitates fast, cheap, scalable token transfers for Ethereum
Raiden's development activity for the month of July (Source: Sanbase)

"This month the Raiden team has mostly been focussing on the Reddit Scaling Bake-Off. However, they have still made a new release of Raiden called "Wolpertinger". This release fixed some minor bugs and introduced a new `/contracts` endpoint that lets users see which version of the smart contracts they are interacting with.

On the light client side of things, the team is continuing to work towards the first mainnet release and are currently doing heavy testing."


Check out Sanbase for more information on development, social, and on-chain activity of all ERC-20 coins, as well as ETH, BTC, XRP, EOS and more!

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