Here's what February's busiest ERC-20 dapps have been working on 🏗️

Each month, we shine a spotlight on the 10 ERC-20 projects with the highest-recorded developer activity for the past 30 days, as calculated by Santiment.

Development Activity is an often-underrated indicator of project success, as it demonstrates the month-to-month commitment to creating a working product, continuously polishing and upgrading its features, and staying true to the long-term roadmap.

In this report, we are focusing only on ‘pure ERC-20’, i.e. those projects that are (currently) committed to developing on Ethereum, and have as of yet no working mainnet or an imminent token swap.

You can check out the latest dev activity ‘power rankings’ for all ERC-20 assets on Sanbase, by filtering the ERC-20 projects by Dev Activity (30d).

Here's what January’s busiest ERC-20 dapps have been working on:

1. Gnosis

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market platform
Gnosis’ development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

“• Decentralized prediction market platform Omen, developed and maintained by the DXdao and powered by Gnosis' conditional tokens framework, has launched on the Ethereum sidechain xDai. Accessing Omen via the xDai network enables faster transactions with significantly lower gas fees than on Mainnet, as covered in our announcement blogpost:

• Gnosis joined the Open DeFi alliance, "a global initiative to develop the decentralised financial ecosystem and advance the collaboration of DeFi projects across borders and blockchains.”

• We’ve launched a new collaborative grants initiative for Gnosis Safe Apps, in which we partner with projects to match their funding offer for building Safe Apps integration with their project. Our first two collaborative grants are successfully underway (SushiSwap Safe App Grant and ENS Safe App Grant), with more exciting ones forthcoming.”

2. Status

Status is an open source mobile Dapp browser and messenger built for Ethereum
Status’ development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

Here's an excerpt from Status' recent community update:

" The team continues to make progress in improving Status and bringing fun, sticky, private, secure communication. In a relatively small release, 1.11 allows anyone with an existing Status account to migrate their keys onto a Keycard as well as Giphy support to make your chats more colorful :)

Secure Your Existing Account with Keycard

Up until now, owners of a Keycard had to generate a new account in Status and choose `Keycard` as the storage option for your keys.

Now, you can simply migrate your existing keys to a Keycard without having to generate a new account. Follow these simply steps:

  1. 1. Update key management: Profile >> privacy and security >> Key management (only available after you have backed up your seed phrase)
  2. 2. Enter your seed phrase
  3. 3. Select Keycard

Giphy Support

Everyone loves a GIF to brighten up their chats. Version 1.11 introduces support for urls in private, group, and public chats. As Status puts privacy first, you will need to ensure link previews are enabled - Profile >> Privacy and security >> Chat link previews "

Check out more updates from the Status team here.

3. Decentraland

Decentraland is a decentralized, blockchain-based virtual world, owned and operated by its users
Decentraland’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

“With the first birthday celebrations on the 20th, an Atari-themed Game Jam and Cyberpunk Builder Contest, February was another massive month for Decentraland. Meanwhile, work continued on a number of features that will improve the overall user experience:

  • Questmaking: Creators will soon be able to use a range of tools that combine actions spanning multiple scenes into a single directed narrative, simplify reward distribution for completed quests and enable the creation of achievements that reward exploration.
  • Portable Experiences: Users will be able to carry an experience – like a treasure hunt or shooting game – with them wherever they go in the virtual world. They’ll also be able to link portable experiences to a wearable if they wish.
  • Easier Log-ins: Newbies will be able to log in with a more familiar ‘user/password’ format. This will create a wallet for them in Formatic, easily onboarding them into crypto and allowing them to access more advanced functionalities.
  • Builder Updates: You’ll be able to build scenes while being present in the world, powering real-time collaboration between creators and better contextual awareness of what’s around you as you build.

More major announcements can be found at and on Twitter

@decentraland. Events in the virtual world are updated daily at”

4. UMA

UMA is developing a protocol building synthetic digital assets
UMA’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

“This month at UMA development has had two main focuses. The first is getting some major protocols out the door: the optimistic oracle and the perpetual. This has been primarily "under the hood" work by the core team.

Simultaneously, we have a growing group of developers launching products on UMA, including a collaboration with BadgerDAO. Domination.finanace is working on some new product releases, and OpenDAO is gearing up to use the perpetual once it is live.

Finally, the KPI Options airdrop has stirred activity as developers and our community prepare to onboard the next wave of UMA users.”

5. Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to external data sources
Chainlink’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Chainlink community update:

“We’re excited to announce that after over a year of development and numerous security audits, Chainlink Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) has officially launched on mainnet, marking a major milestone in the scalability of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks.

OCR significantly improves the efficiency of how data is computed across Chainlink oracles, reducing operating costs by up to 90% and enabling the Chainlink Network to accelerate the development of universally connected smart contracts both in DeFi markets and across various other industries.

The most immediate benefit to DeFi and its users will be a 10x increase in the amount of real-world data that can be made available to smart contract applications. This massive increase in on-chain data will enable another wave of innovation across DeFi, decentralized insurance, blockchain-based gaming, and numerous other sectors, as smart contract developers leverage newly available datasets for a wider range of financial products and markets.

For those wanting a technical deep dive into the computer science, security assumptions, and architecture underpinning OCR, please refer to the Chainlink OCR protocol paper, recently published by the research and development team.

OCR has already been deployed on mainnet across a number of Chainlink Price Feeds, such as the widely used LINK/USD Feed, and will continue to be rolled out to all existing and future Price Feed oracle networks going forward.

Find more information about Chainlink’s Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) here. “

6. Skale Network

Skale Network is developing a decentralized modular cloud for running Ethereum-based dApps
Skale Network’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

Here’s an excerpt from Skale’s recent community update:

“It's been an incredible 2021 by all standards, and the core team has been hard at work delivering all things SKALE Network. We wanted to let you see what we've delivered since the beginning of the year. Of course you can also read through each of the blog posts :-)

In case you're wondering what it all amounts to, here's a quick recap:

  • 13 Dapp/Partner announcements
  • and CoinList exchange listings
  • Coinbase custody support
  • Debut in top 20 on StakingRewards
  • Messari Registry coverage of $SKL
  • Launch of Fuji Testnet
  • Speaking slot just after CZ @ Binance Blockchain Week
  • Product Roadmap rollout
  • 2 Tech and Marketing updates
  • 2 AMAs

We'll be continuing this pace for a while more as we establish SKALE as a major force in the Ethereum ecosystem. Over time we'll also begin to blend in more content, from technical quick takes, to in depth analysis, to interviews and podcasts. Stay tuned!”

7. Maker

MakerDAO is building a decentralized stablecoin collateralized by crypto and governed by the community
Maker’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

Here’s an excerpt from MakerDAO’s governance polls in the past month:

Active polls:

Recently ended polls:

8. Ocean

Ocean is a a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people share and monetize information
Ocean Protocol’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

“In February, we finalized our month-long The Graph rewrite for fetching all financial data displayed from our own subgraph. This resulted in a dramatic decrease of loading times on various screens, and it allowed us to add new features to existing components like the Pool Shares table.

Building on that, we were also finally able to output a TVL calculation based on all data set pools. Internally, we ramped up the team which allowed us to progress on multiple projects at the same time: we continued to ship UI features and bug fixes and continued our work on integrating Compute-to-Data into Ocean Market, and added support for additional EVM networks into our tech stack.”

9. Golem

Golem is creating a decentralized sharing economy of computing power
Golem’s development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

"In the month of February, the Golem team released the Alpha IV. While this release isn't the official mainnet release, it contains some mainnet functionality where Golem users are able to start trying out mainnet GLM tokens payments (both on Ethereum and zkSync). The release is currently Testing In Production as a release candidate for the official mainnet release.

Other development also included updated Python and JavaScript APIs to go along with the new release. Expect the official mainnet launch of the new implementation of Golem (Yagna) coming in the near future.

We want to include a quick thank you to the devotion of the Santiment team's consistent development coverage of the Ethereum ecosystem!"

10. Santiment

Santiment is a platform for advanced crypto analytics, low-latency signals and curated market insights
Santiment's development activity for the month of February (Source: Sanbase)

We’ve recently added two new metrics to Sanbase: Intraday MVRV provides added granularity to the average profit or loss of different holders, while Whale Transaction Count tracks the amount of daily transfers worth more than 100,000 USD.

In our bid to cover all facets of the Ethereum ecosystem, we’ve also added two new dashboards to Sanbase. Our ETH 2.0 dashboard (still in beta) provides a deep overview of the Eth2 deposit contract, including total amount staked, staking by entities, top stakers, dynamic ROI and more.

Additionally, our ETH token trading dashboard breaks down DEX-related activity of any ERC-20 asset - including its trade volumes against both stablecoins and ETH-based tokens - and provides entity-based holder distribution (whales, miners, exchanges and more).

Frequent users of our crypto Screener will be happy about the latest updates, which now includes the ability to sort by over 200 different columns, including metrics like exchange inflow, social volume, MVRV and many more.

Finally, our Wallet Tracking tool has also received a major do up since the last time we talked. In partnership with Bitquery, we’ve launched a new Money Flow infographic, which visualizes the wider ecosystem of any Ethereum-based address.

Other notable updates to Sanbase this month include:

  • Customizable axes on coin charts
  • Drag and drop ability in the chart Mapview
  • Drag and drop ability in the Screener columns
  • MVRV and Network Realized Profit/Loss added to Sanbase alerts
  • Added auto-hide/lock option to the metric sidebar
  • Various Quality-of-Life updates


Check out Sanbase for more information on development, social, and on-chain activity of all ERC-20 coins, as well as ETH, BTC, XRP, EOS and more!

Thanks for reading!

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