Hedera, Chainlink, Optimism are the Kings of Development as July Kicks Off!

🧑‍💻 Here are crypto's top coins by development frequency. Hedera remains at the top spot, with Chainlink sliding into the #2 position.

The below list is sorted by counting any non-redundant activity from a project, and averaging this daily activity over the past 30 days. Arrows represent whether they have ascended or descended in their ranking positions since last month's update:

➡️ 1) Hedera $HBAR 🥇

↗️ 2) Chainlink $LINK 🥈

↘️ 3) Optimism $OP 🥉

↗️4) Internet Computer $ICP

↘️5) Cardano $ADA

➡️6) Status $SNT

↗️7) Cosmos $ATOM

↗️8) ZkSync $ZK

↘️9) Starknet $STRK

↗️10) Aptos $APT

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