Hate for Ripple height

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Garry Kabankin
Jan 7, 2020

Ripple is a regular appreciated guest of Santiment's Emerging Trends list.

Like yesterday and today:

A significant amount of XRP haters caught my attention when I've been preparing the picture above.

How would you like this?

This table is created manually and can give an average sentiment overview.

A bunch of detailed social metrics are available on Santiment Graphs for registered users.

Perhaps there is a pattern in 'social volume consumed' from professional traders chats mentioning XRP:


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Garry Kabankin
Jan 7, 2020

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9 months ago

These positive messages. Where are they coming from, @garry?

These are from telegram, twitter and reddit

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9 months ago

Quite interesting analysis, Garry. It appears as though Ripple has been very much controlled and correlated by sentiment for much of the past year (compared to other large cap projects).

Thanks Brian. Yeah, looks like