Good yield hunting: COMP

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Jun 22, 2020

So...the talk of the town in crypto is all about DeFi and now... "yield farming" lately.

Yield farming sir

The DeFi category isn't something new and have been around since 2017, with most people probably familiar with Maker and DAI. But it wasn't until recently that DeFi's Total Value Locked exploded to a new ATH to $1.47B.

And Compound's mainly responsible for it.

Welcome to the COMP mania

With Compound's token release last week, the protocol now belongs to the community and the COMP token is distributed to protocol participants (Suppliers & Borrowers) evenly.

COMP markets were quick to pop up with it first being traded on Uniswap , followed by a Poloniex listing and shortly after, Coinbase announced that they will be listing COMP and FTX will be having a Futures market for it.

Now, this is where

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Jun 22, 2020

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