FTX: who could have thought?

If you haven't been living under a rock the last week, you've definitely heard about the FTX drama: sketchy balance statements, beef between SBF and CZ, Binance dumping FTT, panic withdrawals etc. But what does the data tell us?

I'm going to focus on ETH here. Let's see how FTX main wallet is doing:

FTX exchange 2 (as labeled by Etherscan) ETH balance

2 days ago before things went south it had over 322k ETH, now it has 32k, and that's only due to constant top-ups. To further investigate, you can use our freshly developed SQL editor, and see for example how much ETH has been withdrawn from this address starting from 00:00 UTC today, using this query:

select sum(value / pow(10,18)) from eth_transfers where from = lower('0xC098B2a3Aa256D2140208C3de6543aAEf5cd3A94') and dt >= toStartOfDay(now())

At the time of writing, the result was a bit over 279632 ETH.

If you want to see the inflow instead of outflow, just change where from = to where to =

in the query (this at the time of writing was equal to 214552 ETH)

Also, you can see who has withdrawn the most using this query:

select to, sum(value)/pow(10,18) as total_sent from eth_transfers where from=lower('0xc098b2a3aa256d2140208c3de6543aaef5cd3a94') and dt>='2022-11-05' group by to
order by total_sent desc

This will give you the top wallets by amount of ETH withdrawn since November 5th, and there's some interesting addresses in there (some are labeled as Nexo, Gemini, and others)

If you want to see instead where the money is coming from, you can use this:

select from, sum(value)/pow(10,18) as total_sent from eth_transfers where to=lower('0xc098b2a3aa256d2140208c3de6543aaef5cd3a94') and dt>='2022-11-05' group by from
order by total_sent desc

If you're feeling confident in your SQL skills, you can dig deeper and find out the situation with coins other than ETH, or see what addresses have been withdrawing the most, and many other pieces of valuable information.

Thanks for reading!

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