FTM becomes first project listed on Binance since 2018

Binance announced a new listing on main exchange (not "DEX").

It's Fantom.

FTM PA looks like a Falcon 9 launch: +40% first stage and +25% second stage.
First stage vehicle is Binance tweet, second stage - start of trading itself.


  • The exchange listing was free, no marketing costs, no hidden listing fees.
  • The first project to go from Binance "DEX" to Binance "CEX".
  • The first project to be listed on Binance "CEX" since 2018.
  • FTM is still below ICO price (0.0431 USD)


  • Ladies and gentleman prepare to be suprised as $ftm is going to be this years biggest and baddest project..
  • The FTM being listed on binance is BNB chain while the other exchanges are offering ETH chain. I wonder how many people are going to blindly try to send their tokens over without converting. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Leave FTM, Buy ARN
  • to touch or not to touch ftm
  • LTO is next 👈
  • Forget every other coin for couple of months. All money will go to FTM
  • Ftm is gonna pump like phb and matic
  • ftm its over u.u, bnb mooning :)

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