FET sees dip as Binance IEO coins' pump come to a halt

You may have noticed that the trend of the week is around trading Binance IEO coins after MATIC's huge rally. Indeed, the crowd is following closely to what MATIC is doing and it's no different for FET.

Below is a comparison of FET's price action to MATIC (Orange) and CELR (Blue).

Correlation between FET, CELR & MATIC

Do they share a common market maker or the same crowd? Seems likely both. The price action is almost to the dot, whatever MATIC does, it reacts accordingly, if it goes up, FET goes up, if it goes down, FET goes down.

Let's take a look at what the chatter is like.

Once again, FET mentions peaked around the top and price dipped shortly after.

Now let's take a look at how the crowd chatter relates FET to MATIC below.

When FET is pumping:

  • The money of Matic in fet
  • Fet is the new matic
  • Just bought a couple FET.. let's see if it can do what matic did
  • Fet.... Next matic.... Onboard guys... ☄☄☄
  • When FET breaks the ATH, Matic will look like kids play
  • My plan is to ride FET and CELR and put all gains into MATIC which will have ethereum type of run this year

When FET dumps:

  • same. lower for fet, celr, and matic
  • A moment of silence again, for fet matic celr
  • Binance going to attract attention of sec if they keep pulling Matic,Celer, Fet type pump and dump schemes
  • Well people The dump for MATIC/ CELR and FET is just begin

No surprise here, when the crowd is following so close to such price actions, it's naturally to see equal intensity and impact on correlated coins.

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