Fear manipulation

Information is coming from various sides about how bad the crypto market looks. It was similar 6 months ago and why did the market go up so much? Only manipulation caused BTC to increase from 16k to 30k. Because what else could have caused the crypto rally after the collapse of FTX?

red level

So what is happening today? Negative news concerns selected assets listed by the SEC. Based on what criteria rRoll the dice? Hey I'm 6! oh, it's SOALANA If these elections have real grounds, the lawyers of the office have work until 2100, because we have over 10,000 projects and so far less than ten have been announced.

red is growing

What remains is BINANCE - the weakening dollar and the opening in Asia for crypto. Such projects are created for months - you need to prepare regulations and rules, and there are people behind it. The richest have known this for a long time and announce it when they are well prepared. If it's so bad, who buys it and why?

6 %

Summer is ahead of us and it's easy to halving and it's not boring in crypto. Taught by experience with LUNA and DFI, laptpop and ledeger are obligatory luggage.

Interesting things are happening on the LINK - the question to @SANTIMENT AI is answered and the graphs are answered


Charts and metrics are provided in this link.



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