Excitement sends Tezos to another top

Yesterday's emerging trends overview

One month ago Tezos already checked in emerging trends and @SANClan posted a detailed insight on it - "Tezos (XTZ) continues upwards as crowd gets cozy with staking"

And XTZ indeed continued it's way up since then, on increasing social volume:

Recent news were mainly about staking: both on Coinbase and Binance.

Stakingrewards Tezos ranking lost a star during this month:

A massive XTZ transaction to Binance was spotted:

Perhaps this is an indication that more players will be depositing Tezos into Binance.

Because Binance together with Coinbase offer an easier model then delegated staking services.

Now what social charts are showing.

Sentiment balance topped both times, a month ago and yesterday:

But what were people saying exactly about tezos yesterday?

Hmm. Couldn't find negative mentions at all. Clear excitement. Usually sign of a top.

Month ago emotions were less intense.


P.S. Forgot something obvious. Price-volume divergence:

Price increasing on decreasing trading volume is usually unhealthy sign

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