Ethtrader mods quit to start EthFinance

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Aug 20, 2019

Following the sudden removal of all moderator authorities and permissions of both u/AdamSC1 and u/jtnichol by Carl on Ethtrader, other moderators are joining AdamSC1 jtnichol in stepping down. Leaving to create a new subreddit, Ethfinance.

It seems that the breakdown stems from uncalled for mod removal actions on Carl's end and disagreements around the skewed distribution of Donuts. Suggesting that ethtrader is run by Carl's dictatorship.

Check the Reddit post here to follow the full story.

In response to the reddit post above, Carl shared his side of the story saying that:

For the record I removed Adam as a mod because he had been inactive in mod duties for at least 3 months and sporadically before that (even jt and yukon complained about him remaining on the team). We have a policy that two months inactivity can result in removal. I also felt when he did mod he exercised poor judgement (one example was removing a critical comment on one of his own posts). I did demod him unilaterally, which was unusual as we had previously had threads to discuss inactivity first. But ultimately removal of a mod was always an action I was responsible for. A number of mods disagreed with how I handled this and we were at an impasse. After 4 days discussion and jt (who ran the discord chat) declining to remove Adam from that chat I left that chat and removed permissions from jt. Permissions are easy to restore so I saw that quite differently to demodding (position of mod in mod list would stay same once restored). There were also building resentments in the team. For instance Yukon often took quite a strong stance on moderation that we came to heads about. While I think the split is regrettable it's possible more choice may also ultimately be a good thing.

He also clarified that active moderation is having 40 mod actions in a month and Adam averaged around 10.

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Crowd's reactions

  • This is really upsetting. I hate to see the /r/ethtrader community split in two like this. Is there any solution to this other than a "hardfork"? Do I dare suggest a donut governance poll? If it is truly a one or the other situation, then, with all due respect to /u/carlslarson and his contributions here, I'd rather he be booted and these 6 remain. A sad day indeed.
  • Nah Carl receives 30x more Donuts than any other moderator. He could out vote every single other moderator and most of users. We have been pointing out how unreasonable this is for months privately but unfortunately we were ignored. Hence why we are now calling Donuts a failed experiment, the distribution is whack.
  • Why the fuck are donuts a big deal. I have some & I dont even know how I got them
  • Fuck /u/carlslarson. I have been against his egotistical bullshit since he started the donut shit. Unsubbed and moving to /r/ethfinance
  • I’m here for ether trading insights and dank Dave Chappelle memes, not this bullshit. Unsubscribed.

So was it uncalled for what Carl did? Would you be joining r/Ethfinance?

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Aug 20, 2019

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