ETHOS/BQX is part of this week "pump the random coin" party

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Jan 19, 2019

Let's make some behaviour analyses for the ETHOS/BQX

The price has been trending quite strongly the last few days.

How the network participants (token holders) behaved?

  1. The crowd attention has been moved towards this token
ETHOS/BQX takes the first place in the "social trends"

2. Huge amount of tokens have been moved from one exchange to another (more than 2 $ mlns or 12 % of the tokens in the circulation)

the biggest ETHOS transactions in the last 30 days

3. Look when these hot tokens have been moved:


Price weren't able to sustain the bull run thereafter anymore.

We though might have one more (final) push up. But, all the factors from above combined - the risk has moved to the deep decline now.

Also keep in mind, we've seen more than 10 similar pumps (and dumps) this week.

It does look like an organized activity. The pattern is always the same. Though it's beyond the scope of the current "insight" - stay aware and safe once the "pumping coin" got to the top lines of our monitor tool - "social trends in crypto". If often means the majority is in and it's time to look for the way out.

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Jan 19, 2019

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