Ethereum. How could divergencies play out

Assets covered: Ethereum (ETH)

Metrics used: Trading Volume, Active Addresses, Social Volume, Network Realized Profit/Loss

Ethereum is one day away from it's ATH. How risky is 'being so high'?


  1. 1. We are seeing a strong divergence between price and trading volume. Price heading up, trading volume trying to pick up but fails and heading down:

2. Same for onchain volume (active addresses) since the end of October:

3. Same for social volume:

4. And, most important, same for Network Profit Loss:


A bunch of long lasting divergencies is pointing us to idea that we need to go down. These are really worrying.

We see network activity going down even though the price is pushing up.

People too relaxed to take profits even though ETH is going up (visible in NPL). There is a good chance they will be punished.

There is 50/50 chance market quite often moves up one more time after divergence. Just to confuse traders.

Looking at onchain metrics we are generally bearish.

But there could be one more push up.

And then crash.

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