Ethereum fees in USD break ATH again

Daily fees paid on Ethereum exceeded all time high that was set on 13th of August.

Ethereum fees in USD

Median and average fees in USD are also on the rise. Today's median fee is 5.68 $, which is significantly more than previous all time high of 3.46 $. Keep in mind that today's medain fee in usd value could change throughout the day.

Median and average fees in USD

Finally, if we compare the fees distribution by the project they were spent on between yesterday (31/08/2020) and old all time high (13/08/2020), we could fine some new project showing up in the dashboard.,

Old fees in USD ATH distribution

Fifth and sixth position are taken by USD Coin and Uniswap V2 retrospectively.

New ATH fees in USD distribution

In the yesterday's fees distribution leaderboard new projects showed up: yfv on the 5th place, Uniswap V2 on the 8th, on the 9th place and yffi on the last place.

Data by Santiment

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