ETH Acceptance Sentiment

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Aug 22, 2018

This is by far the most up-voted comment in the /r/ethtrader subreddit daily threads in the last 48 hours, in fact it would be extremely rare a comment in the dailies would be voted so high:

Acceptance example

This sentiment could be characterized as "Acceptance". Even thought the person is not going to sell, they are resigned to the fact (the perception) there is no hope of recovery - they want to move on from it. Link to the above comment:

This phenomenon is described in the following webpage:

Here is the excerpt of interest excerpt:

Acceptance psychology

There were a few other examples seen at about the same time, with some of them even saying they are taking the further step of selling at a great loss ("Capitulation") - they were up-voted too but no where near as much as the above one.

This suggest the possibility of a bottom forming (or formed already). However, the fact that this highly up-voted comment was Acceptance rather than Capitulation, and the fact that there were also some bullish comments at around the same time (buy and hodl) suggests it may not be the ultimate bottom.

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Aug 22, 2018

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