EOS is on the supporting trend-line. Waiting for more action

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Jun 9, 2018

Combined on the sentiment and the price structure the following can be "speculated on"

Clear trend-line in EOSBTC
  1. We have a launch of a mainnet.
  2. We have clear trend line
  3. The Elliott waves structure is almost finished on the wave up

It gives slight preference for the following scenario.

a) As long as the trend-line isn't broken, we are going up to 0.0021. Then retracement back to the trend-line and one more rise (probably above the 0.0025 - the old ATH). After that all further analyses depends greatly on the crowd sentiment. In the case of EOS - if we still still negativity from other participants/networks - EOS can grow further. If we see the major patter - excitement and "EOS is the winner against ETH/BTC" - decline.

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Jun 9, 2018

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