Encouraging signs.

Metrics used: Social search, Stable coins (USDT) holder structure behaviour

Chart layouts:
1. https://app.santiment.net/s/zOn-wysy (social search)
1. https://app.santiment.net/s/CTcxmb1W (USDT)

Half a year into bear market. Most of the participants (HODLers especially) are exhausted and tired. Which, surprisingly, might be a good sign.

As we said on a few occasions, when the majority is (eagerly) looking for a bottom - there is none.

Here is the visual representation.

First, how the things played out back in July 2021.

Buying the dip in 2021

Have the things changed in 2022? They rarely do when we talk about the crowd, but let's see (below)..

Buying the dip (so far) in 2022

What do we see here?

First, there is a good sign (at last!). After 6 months of waiting we can observe that the crowd finally gave up |to buy the

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