Elrond spikes on Samsung collaboration

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Nov 1, 2019
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After months of downward movement, Elrond finally gets a breakout pump following the announcement of their collaboration with Samsung by founder & CEO, Beniamin Mincu.

According to TheBlock, the Samsung blockchain wallet now supports Elrond (ERD) which will expand the reach of Elrond given Samsung's user base. In the future, Elrond will have a consumer app announced and made available via the Samsung app store.

Price Action

Price action lagged a little but eventually followed through as news of the collaboration spread. Interestingly, trading volume preceded the price action and the collaboration announcement.

Did someone knew? Or perhaps a rumour was running?

Dev Activity

Looks like the Elrond devs have been busy as Dev Activity continues to trend upwards.

Social Volume

Elrond social volume for the past 3 months have remained low. The most popular period was during their IEO and following weeks after it. The collaboration announcement saw spikes in social volume but remains to be seen whether conversations continue over the next few weeks.

Crowd reactions

  • Erd soon coming to every Samsung phone in world!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ERD will break 0.003 till morning
  • Last chance to buy erd at 21 sats
  • Now I invest to erd, hoping to get back whats lost.
  • Ok erd, i will trust all of it to you. hoping it pumped gradually as they approach their mainnet. Ciao
  • erd 74 sat by sunday

From observing the chats, it looks like the next major event for Elrond would be their mainnet launch that's currently scheduled for Q4 2019. However, no official date has been given by the team.

This means, from now till 31st December 2019, speculative juices will keep flowing. If crypto logic remains true, we should see a spike in price and social volume once an official mainnet launch date is announced.

Tick tock.

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Nov 1, 2019

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