DOCK's price action and a tale of two behaviours

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Sep 19, 2019

What crazy 2 weeks it has been for DOCK with back to back weekly price action that saw the price go from 0.006219 USD (9th Sept) to $0.01322 USD (17th Sept), making a 112% gain and hitting the highest trading volume in 6 months.

While most (aka the Crowd) were caught off guard by this week's pump and probably bought the local tops over the weeks before, smart money knew exactly what to do.

Let's take look at how both market participants tackled the DOCK during this period.

Crowd behaviour - Network Growth

Network growth refers to brand new unique addresses that participated in DOCK transactions or to put it simply, new speculators entering the market (since trading remains the #1 usecase for most altcoins).

You'll notice that Network growth peaks right on the day a local top hits. Thereafter, price and Network growth tends to fall as no additional new speculators enter to prop up the price.

Crowd's reaction

  • That dock wall is massive
  • Who is buying dock
  • dock dumped 50% from top and is still up 50% haha
  • Why dock pumped so hard ?
  • Just bought dock let’s go
  • I sold dock to early 😱😱😱
  • Dock next pump start It's time to buy low 140 Sell 175

"DOCK" mentions saw large spikes at local tops as the crowd wonders and shill in excitement before price eventually falls and followed by the amount of mentions. Notice how for the past 3 months, it wasn't until the price pumped in September that the crowd noticed DOCK.

Smart money behaviour - Top holders balance

Now let's take a look at what smart money does. For this example, I'll take a look at the Top 30 DOCK holders.

In the same period, they were accumulating. In fact, back in mid August, notice that Top 30 holders accumulated when DOCK price was cheap, social mentions were low, network growth was low! They then moved tokens out when price peaked.

But in September, something interesting happened. Top holders were accumulating DOCK even though price was rising. But why? They are smart money right? Why would they be buying at high prices? Well, only if they knew prices would go much higher than their entries.

Notice how they moved tokens out just before this week's huge pump? They knew sir, they certainly knew. Well played indeed.

Show me the smart money!

So who in the top 30 are responsible for such smart moves you ask? Well, look no further, we picked 3 smart money addresses for you to track below:

Want to keep an eye on smart money?

Tip: You can set up activity alerts for this (or any other) wallet on Sanbase: click on the addresses listed above and click on ‘Generate Signal’ below the address (you’ll need to log into Sanbase first). Choose the asset (in this case, DOCK), you want to track and select the ‘Above’ or ‘Below’ threshold that will trigger the alert as they add or remove DOCK from their wallet.

Or.... you can just use this DOCK smart money accumulation sample signal ;)

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Sep 19, 2019

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