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Garry Kabankin
Nov 26, 2019

Streamr DATAcoin was on top of emerging trends on Monday:

It made x3 in an hour:

What happened.

Some say it's a coordinated pump and share a link to

Which looks like a pump group promo site, cause it's the only post on it.

Would you trust it?

@SANclan found a whale which would have benefited a lot from this pump, selling 1.4 MUSD of DATA almost on top...

... if he haven't bought it earlier at almost the same level of price:

Source: Historical Balance Tool

This huge pile of DATA represents more then 10% of token supply.

And it ended up on Binance.

Notice that this wallet also contains tons of MANA and ENG, bought near the same time as DATA:

Perhaps it makes sense to get notified with a custom alert when:

3 holders exited their entire stash in the past 2 days alone

And of course that 10% DATA whale.

Looks like one of the top holders cashed out in ETH:

Interesting thing is - if you view the entire history, this person actually bought high and probably doubled down to make up for the losses. See the full history:

He had 2M DATA at like the early last year

DATA/BTC and DATA/ETH might show a different story though.

Kudos to @SANClan for the findings once again!

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Garry Kabankin
Nov 26, 2019

Thanks for reading!

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