Crypto Christmas bull run is possible

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Dec 29, 2019

Based on the last week observation the change of breaking up is high.

The crowd is cautious, "doubting" the last/current rise in prices.

This is the conditions which are typical for the continuing growth.

  1. 1. Most covered stories (those on the main page) on trading view are bearish.
  2. See the attached screenshot as an example.
An example of a bearish promoted analyses
  1. 2. The top comments on the bitcointalk are bearish too. Below is an example.
One of the examples on Bitcointalk


There are some, as always. We haven't seen the real capitulation yet, which means the chance for one more deeper drop isn't ruled out.

So, look around if the mood flips out and we get again too much positive noise on the social channel (reddit, trading view and twitter).

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Dec 29, 2019

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