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It's worth noting which coins the largest exchanges encourage HODLing by their policies. There was a good insight published on Santiment a few days ago about the pumping of certain coins right around (or just before) Binance announcing a trading competition. Similar effects are the Binance listing of Chromia causing price fluctuations. rewards you for holding certain coins on their exchange. Some of them you can just hold in the spot market wallet, and others are rewarded with a small interest rate (about 1% APR) in a separate wallet either called "lending" or "savings" depending on whether you're on the mobile app or the desktop. For example, you can hold Tezos in the spot wallet and accumulate Tezos at an "estimated" 6% APR reward, but you would need to hold USDT in the lending wallet to get any interest on it.

Most recently, Binance added ATOM (Cosmos) and NEO to their "savings" section. NEO holders already receive GAS just by holding it in the spot wallet and it remains to be seen if you get GAS as well as a bit more NEO by holding it in the "savings" wallet.

EOS was mentioned recently - currently Binance only has "locked" versions of lending assets for USDT, BUSD and EOS, which accrue a higher rate than the non-locked accounts. In my opinion, this implies a bearish sentiment on Binance's part because they used to have a lot more coins in the "locked" section of the lending assets, but perhaps someone else has a different take on why only these three are listed there.

Any other reports on exchanges' policies when it comes to holding or accruing interest on certain coins, I'd be curious to know in the comments or another insight.

Kraken currently only currently rewards Tezos holders last I checked.


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8 months ago

could you explain a bit more about why it implies bearish sentiment on Binance side?

I assume Binance wouldn't give out a high interest rate on a coin which they thought would rise a lot in price, which is why the only other two listed currently for locked investments are stablecoins. But I could be wrong.

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8 months ago

Ah, I see Maybe Binance is just chasing every $ they can earn. Or offer all possible services to their users. What could be, however, a bullish/bearish indicator is the amount of stable coins offered. Also the rate. That would help to understand/see how the traders perceive the risks and opportunities. How do you think, possible to get this information? Really though if you do a few good trades, you can make a lot more than just HODLing. I think it's for people who don't have the time or inclination to trade at all or don't want to risk losing their coins in a trade.